The Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam is poised to attain its vision of becoming a diversified, competitive and sustainable economy through facilitating, developing and strengthening trade, competitive industries and dynamic entrepreneurs by high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries. 

In order to fulfill this mission of its Government, E-Government National Centre (EGNC) is seeking to improve the citizen services and enable better control over information dissemination by implementing high value Call Centre Technology and Operation Solutions which can improve the Citizen experience while interacting with several Government Ministries and departments. In the backdrop of this objective EGNC was looking for an established partner with relevant experience of designing and operating similar Call centers.

To meet the goals and objectives of internal and external stake holders and customers of EGNC, our consortium consisting of Telekom Brunei Berhad (the prime bidder), along with Comquest Sdn. Bhd. (A Joint Venture between eSipadu Systems, wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Brunei Berhad & Bahwan CyberTek LLC) was awards The Design, Development, Delivery and Operation of “The National Call Centre Solution and Other Related Services” (NCCS)Type your paragraph here.

It’s More than a call…It’s your Business

The Design, Development, Delivery and Operation of the Contact Centre Solution and Other Related Services for TelBru

​​Comquest designed, developed, delivered and operating the contact center for TelBru for the last 4 Years. We have implemented Ameyo (Proposed solution) and IP PBX systems in place for 25+ L1 Agents. TelBru Level 2 agents are accessing the application from TelBru’s office or location which evident the system’s availability remotely.

Other Projects:

  • ​Implementation, Operations, Maintenance and Support of Facility Rental System (FRS) -
  • ​Unified Communication System Implementation for leading Financial institution in Brunei
  • Implementation, Maintenance and Support of File Transfer Management System (FTMS) for TelBru

Implementation of Contact Center and Complaints Management System

​​BSM was using traditional PSTN lines and manually handled calls on a small scale. Their banking products and services in Consumer, Wholesale needed to be automated for increased efficiency. Along with inbound queries, they also needed to increase their tele sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, as an entity, they needed their processes to be compliant to regulations and be highly secure.

The Design, Development, Delivery and Operation of the National Call Centre Solution and Other Related Services

His Majesty at the Launch of Talian Darussalam (Hotline) 123

Implementation of Contact Center Solution

​​Baiduri Bank’s customer services were crippled due to repeated downtime with the existing call center operation. Keeping the strategic objectives of this project in mind, Comquest dedicated its resources to outline the right solution, Ameyo CIM, as the best fit for Bank’s requirements and a well-defined approach was provided to take care of the requirements. Baiduri Bank was convinced of Comquest’s strong commitment to engaging in a collaborative manner with its customers and forging long-term strategic relationships.